Presbyopia Treatment and Aging Eyes Care

Our eyes continually change as we age and as we reach our 40s we develop the possibility for a vision condition known as Presbyopia. This condition, although it has no cure, can be adjusted once the problem is identified. Presbyopia is a natural effect of aging and causes the afflicted to struggle with seeing objects and words clearly when up close. Those who have Presbyopia often attempt to overcome it by holding objects at arm’s length in order to see them clearly. Holding an object further away however, will often result in headaches and eyestrain that can easily be avoided.

eyesafter40Premier Eyecare and Optical looks out for your future and checks for possible signs of Presbyopia with our comprehensive eye exams that identify the early signs of developing Presbyopia. With early detection you can avoid the eyestrain, headaches, and inconvenience of needing to distance yourself from everything in order to see clearly. Simple prescriptions for eyewear tailored to your unique vision needs will correct your vision condition and allow you to see as clearly as ever.

We offer solutions for your Presbyopia in the form of prescription reading glasses, no-line bifocals, and bifocal contacts to suit you and your expectations for everyday life. At Premier Eyecare and Optical our focus is simply your clear vision and current and future eye health.