CRT Corneal Reshaping Therapy Contact Lenses

CRTSometimes glasses and contacts just don’t suit you and your lifestyle. You don’t like having to wear your eyewear all day because it interferes with your work and comfort. While you need a solution for your vision problems, the options of eyeglasses, contacts, or vision correction surgery don’t suit you.

At Premier Eyecare and Optical we focus on providing solutions to every patient no matter their eye vision needs. Premier offers the option of corneal reshaping therapy contacts for patients who are looking for a vision solution outside the traditional vision correctors.

What is Corneal Reshaping Therapy?

Corneal reshaping therapy contacts remove the need to constantly wear eyeglasses or contacts during waking hours and remove the danger of a surgical procedure. Through our comprehensive eye exam and eye topography analysis we assess your vision needs and fit you with tailored contacts that only need to be worn while you are sleeping.

These specially designed contacts reshape your eyes during your sleeping hours and correct your vision, removing the need to wear contacts or eyeglasses during the day. Stop worrying about dry, irritated eyes due to contacts, or glasses sliding off your face during the day with these contacts. CRT also eliminates the danger of vision surgery, is completely reversible, and is shown to slow down or stop the progression of nearsightedness.

Benefits of CRT

  • Non-surgical
  • Removes the need to wear eyewear during the day
  • Not permanent
  • Stops progressive vision loss
  • Affordable
  • Available for children, teens, and adults. Ideal for anyone who plays sports