Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Eye Disease

Maintaining your eye health is vital in preventing eye diseases and keeping your eyesight in top condition. Regular visits to Premier Eyecare and Optical is the first step in making sure your eyes are healthy and free of any diseases that require treatment. With our comprehensive eye exams we not only look for vision issues but also health issues. We maintain that your eye health is the key for perfect vision for years to come and we do everything we can to preserve your vision.

Our experienced optometrists check for common eye diseases as part of our comprehensive exam and learn about your eye history in effort to maintain your eye health for years to come. At Premier we not only focus on your eye health in the present but also for the future.

Cataracts Conjunctivitis Diabetic Retinotherapy
Glaucoma Retinal Detachment


ico_surgical_cataractsCataracts are a result of protein building up behind your eyes’ lens. When the protein builds up it causes cloudiness within your vision and gives your eye a cloudy appearance. While you have cataracts, you may experience faded colors, double or multiple vision, and may experience poor night vision. Cataracts can be detected and corrected by your optometrist and a simple procedure.




ico_disease_conjunctivitisAlso known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is an affliction that causes your eye to become red and itchy. This infection is highly contagious and causes your eye to discharge a clear, white, or yellow substance. To keep pink eye from spreading, you should resist touching the infected eye and wash your hands often. Your optometrist will treat conjunctivitis with prescription antibiotic eye drops.



Diabetic Retinopathyico_diabeticretinopathy

This eye condition often accompanies those who have diabetes. The vessels in your eyes can be damaged by high blood sugar and in attempt to repair itself your eye produces new vessels that are prone to bursting. When the new vessels burst your vision can become blurred or you may completely lose your sight. Diabetic Retinopathy can be treated if caught early.




ico_eyehealth_glaucomaGlaucoma is an ailment that results when your eye does not properly circulate fluids. When the fluid that is designed to cleanse your eye cannot flow out, pressure builds behind your eye and causes peripheral blindness. Premier can treat glaucoma with a stimulating eye procedure that relieves the pressure in your eye.



Retinal Detachment


The retina is an important part of the eye that transmits light and passes it to the brain through the optic nerve. When you experience retinal detachment, the retina separates from the optic nerve and can cause vision loss. You may experience shadowed vision, an increase in eye “floaters,” and flashes of light when a retinal detachment is occurring. If not treated quickly, retinal detachment can result in permanent vision loss.