Optomap Imaging for Faster Retina Examination

At Premier Eyecare and Optical we employ advanced technology to detect early warning signs of eye and overall health problems.

With our optomap imaging service we offer a retina examination method that accurately assesses your eye health. This imaging service helps detect warning signs of other health problems as well, including diabetes, glaucoma, and heart problems.

optomapThe optomap imaging method allows up to 80 percent of your retina to be examined, where many early warning signs of health problems can be spotted. Traditional methods only allow up to 15 percent of retina examination and can result in missed warning signs.

This safe, quick, and accurate imaging process only takes seconds to complete and is safe for both children and adults. Removing the need for dilation, this sophisticated method also removes the traditional discomfort of the retina examination process and leaves you with unhindered vision after a visit.

Protect your vision today with optomap retina imaging and maintain health for years to come.