Your Eye Infection and Eye Care Specialist in Baton Rouge

Your eyes give insight into your overall health and can usually reveal signs of diseases that affect the entire body before normal health exams. At Premier Eyecare and Optical, we go beyond eye exams and vision correction to help you maintain your well-being. With our comprehensive eye exams, we check for signs of medical conditions that can affect not only your vision but also your overall health. Detecting and preventing diseases with extensive knowledge and early warnings can make a difference in your treatments. With the wealth of information your eyes give us, our optometrists help you maintain your health and clear vision.


We use current and up-to-date technology to ensure we give you the best care and detect any issues as early as possible. We also employ various types of exams to confirm nothing is overlooked.

Ocular Diseases

At Premier Eyecare and Optical we examine your eyes for diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and retinal detachment or tear. We focus on preventing and treating any problems you have so you can see clearly for years to come.

Ocular Issues

Premier Eyecare and Optical takes visual discomfort seriously. If you have dry eye syndrome, computer vision syndrome, excessive blinking, or other eye irritations, Premier is there to help you manage and correct any ocular problems.


At Premier Eyecare and Optical, your eye health is our top priority. We take great pride in helping you maintain clear vision through healthy eyes and we are ready to help with any of your optical needs.